Ever thinking about your business model? Learn more about your business and discover your strength and get focus.


Know your competitor, find potential supplier or discover new partners within. It�s time to expand your business.


Get to know your market better by analyze demographic area by understand the pattern. You may discover new insight.

Bringing your business and all its data together in one analytical platform to create new global opportunities

Focused Dashboard

Help investigate your Business Positioning and Performance.

Statistic Data

Assist in Decision Making by Leveraging on Business Intelligence.


Data Comparison & Trending

Understand and Predict Upcoming Trends and Patterns relevant to your industry.

Exchange Business

Bridge to connect within business community, and chance to trade globaly with Malaysia Brand Outlet platform wihtin.

Discover great features

Business Exchange now made easy with community.

Perfectly designed

With the new system approach, now you can connect with other business community. Post your products & services, and start doing business with everyone. Get engaged today, chance to request product information, engage with everyone and doing business.


A solution for every business needs

At GEP, we recognize that a Business Management Platform needs to be as flexible as its customers are unique.


Major Business Categories


Registered Companies


Registered Contractors with Ministry of Finance Malaysia


Market Opportunities

So whether you�re a business owner wanting to sell your product, trying to understand your market demographic requirement, or doing some planning based on forecast data to optimize production capacity, GEP has the expertise to get you on your way.

Even more great features

Malaysia Brand Outlet - all new e-commerce multi-channel manage service platform.

Sell Integration

Full listing capability across various marketplace sites by streamlining all various market demands � orders, inventory, shipping and accounting.


Managed Services

MBO makes selling across multiple channels and ecommerce stores efficient and simple. MBO Managed Servie offer complete service from inventory until order management capability integrated with other channels.

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